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The Addictive Belief System

The AATP is pleased to announce the availability of a new 3 credit hour DVD: The ADDICTIVE BELIEF SYSTEM: stories I tell myself
featuring Faye Mini-Reyman, LCPC, CMADC

In this DVD seminar, we explore the worldview of the addict.

Topics included:

  • Four beliefs that are present throughout the addictive continuum
  • Beliefs that are specific to various addictions
  • The origins of addictive thinking
  • The dynamics that maintain the addictive belief system.

This 3 credit hour DVD is available to rent for $60 or purchase for $100.
The DVD comes with written materials and a post-test. Upon completion of the post-test, continuing education credit hours are awarded.
You may order this DVD by downloading the seminar registration form and indicating you would like the ADDICTIVE BELIEF SYSTEM DVD mailed to you.
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