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Here's how to reach the AATP directly:

PO Box 9138
Springfield, Illinois 62791
(217) 787-9321 voice
(217) 787-6757 fax


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NEW IN 2019  !! and now available:

    SOCIOPATHS AND NARCISSISTS  (6 hrs online seminar)  

    at an introductory low price of $40 !!

NEW IN 2018 !!  Borderline/BiPolar/Relationship addiction.   6 hrs online seminar

New in 2018 !!  Social Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults  6 hrs online seminar

Seminars, Springfield IL

The AATP is a not-for-profit training academy established to provide professional continuing education for counselors and therapists, school counselors and social workers, psychologists, mental health personnel, alcohol and drug abuse counselors, marriage and family therapists, and other professionals working to help persons in need of counseling and therapy for any number of problems.

The AATP provides continuing education seminars and videotaped seminars on a wide variety of pertinent topics, such as the treatment of personality disorders, mental health disorders, addictions, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, marital and couples counseling, and youth and adolescent issues.

The AATP is licensed in the State of Illinois to provide continuing education to the following professions:

LCSW and LSW:   159.000181


LMFT:   168.000117

NURSES:    236.00003

LCPC and LCP:    197.000244

All AATP programs are approved by IAODAPCA/ICB.

You may now rent ANY of the following online seminars for only $60 and receive 6 credit hours of continuing education.   

our newest 6 hours seminars:

new in 2018:  Borderline/BiPolar/Relationship addiction

new in 2018:  Social Anxiety in Teens - I'm so awkward

new in 2018:  Repairing Personality disorders - neural integration 

new in 2017:  Helping LGBTQ Teens Navigate Adolescences - 

new in 2017:  Mood Disorders in Teens 

new in 2017:  Ethics of Trauma-Informed Care

new in 2017:  Managing Personality Disorders

Our newest 3-hour seminars

new in 2017:

Heroin: use in teens and young adults

Marijuana:  use in teens and young adults

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other 6 hour online seminars include:

- UNDERSTANDING THE DSM  5  (M. Perrin, Psy.D.)

 - The Anxious Brain - treating anxiety disorders  (M. Wehrenberg, Psy.D.)

 - Ten Best Depression Management Techniques (M. Wehrenberg, Psy.D.)

 - Emotional Overeating  (M. Perrin, Psy.D.)

 - Women, Substance Abuse and Recovery (M. Perrin, Psy.D.)

 - Process Addictions (M. Perrin, Psy.D.)

 - Anti-Social Personality Disorder (Mark Sanders, LCSW)

 - Adolescent Girls in Crisis  (Mark Sanders, LCSW)

- Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide in Adolescents  (J. Gabe, LCSW)

 - Helping Parents of Oppositional Kids  (J. Gabe, LCSW)


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Here's how to reach the AATP directly:
PO Box 9138
Springfield, Illinois 62791
(217) 787-9321 voice(217) 787-6757 fax

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